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Kommunikationstechnik by Wellner GmbH

Communication technology means for us: to create easy to establish connections all over the world, to improve accessibility, to record information when one is not available, to be able to process communication wishes more easily, to remove technical and organisational hurdles and to make the everyday exchange between 2 or more participants as pleasant and easy to use as possible.

communication is not a one-way street and internal and external can no longer be separated. Hardware and software are constantly evolving, and what seemed unthinkable a short time ago can soon become a natural part of communication. Modern systems must therefore be designed to be adaptable, because nothing can be planned years in advance. To react flexible to the market event means to be able to adapt also its technology constantly to the current needs, without large expenditure of planning, time and money.

Last point is decisive, because everyone, no matter whether private customer, small business or industrial concern, shuns the change, the change, overall therefore investments in attention, manpower and financial means, if communication technology becomes too complex in the daily use. Therefore, we operate exclusively with systems which:

  • be planned with a view to future developments
  • relying on proven, low-maintenance & reliable technology
  • can be integrated into existing technical systems
  • provide interfaces for connecting other systems
  • to adapt to changes in corporate organization and processes
  • letting users work together more productively on a sustainable basis
  • Let investment and communication costs be affordable.

Innovative ideas, special legal, local or technical conditions, unusual networks as that and more are no problem. We are always happy to take on challenges & again and again successfully.

Open Scape Business X5 von Unify - Telefonanlagen by Wellner GmbH_Quelle Unify Experts Wiki

Telephone systems
We have been designing, installing and maintaining telephone systems for decades. Therefore, we know exactly what matters, which system fits which requirements and which customer project. We always act according to the motto: „As much as necessary, as little as possible“. We understand our customers and, based on our experience, can determine which technology best corresponds to the desired scope of services.
We work primarily with proven and optimally calibrated systems from Unify and Panasonic, which are flexible and modular in design and enable our customers to communicate satisfactorily with their business partners over many years.

DACS – Digital Alarm and Communication Server
The term DAKS stands for Digital Alarm and Communication Server and thus for a central solution for the process-optimized handling of the complete digital information & communication in the company. All incoming and outgoing data streams are routed via and from a central server and standard processes such as forwarding, notifications and alarms are automated and optimized. This information can be distributed to persons, groups, departments and / or company-wide. Just as SAP exemplarily takes care of company processes, administrative tasks and the management of day-to-day business in all its aspects, DAKS takes on comparable tasks for the communication architecture.

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