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Komplettservice by Wellner GmbH

Surely you still know the advertising slogan of a well-known DIY chain: „With Eisenkarl, or with OBI.“. The core statement of this advertisement was: „Why should there be too many small specialists, laboriously searching for and coordinating individual products and services, when instead you can go to a full-service provider who can provide all the individual services and more than that? This is exactly the approach we have taken.

Of course, you won’t find any DIY products in our store, but you will find the complete range of communication and IT services. We have deliberately not limited ourselves to individual segments, but have combined all core features and services that complement and round off the project in a flexible mix. Complete service does not mean planning and installing every possible component / interface / software, but only every necessary one. We always offer the customer only what he really needs. If the project is to be supplemented with optional features or extended at a later point in time, every customer benefits twice from our complete service. We have already talked about extensions and optional features and our planners have taken these possibilities into account, including interfaces.

Your project, viewed holistically – Full service ala Wellner GmbH

Just as every customer and every project is different and is viewed individually, the best possible solution is always a concept developed in close cooperation with the customer. To this end, we clarify a whole series of crucial questions in advance in order to be able to plan your customer project as precisely as possible:

  • Is it necessary to observe increased security and data protection requirements?
  • Should your project be realized in a very short time?
  • Do revisions and updates have to be carried out during operation?
  • Is there a multitude of interfaces and inventory systems, of connections and links within your object as well as supra-regional?
  • Is it necessary to comply with special noise, shielding, fire protection or other requirements?
  • Would you like to use the optimal 24/7 reaction and maintenance service of our Service center within the full service?
  • Would you like to place all your concerns in the hands of an experienced service provider and therefore rely on our transparent and comprehensive Managed Service?
  • Do you need financing for the partial or complete project?

No matter what the question is, the answer is always the same:

Take advantage of TEAM Wellner’s know-how and many years of experience for the success of your project.

We register your requirements, listen to your wishes and inform ourselves about the general conditions while one of our technicians inspects the locations. Once all the information has been gathered, we sit down together at the table and present you with possible solutions. Based on our project experience, we can easily exclude or recall a number of options. In a 2nd or 3rd conversation, the most sensible option often already emerges.
We see it as our duty as a specialist company to always put all facts on the table. We point out technically unrealizable ideas and safety-critical options, because we can only represent before you and ourselves what is really feasible and legally permitted.

Beratung by Wellner GmbH
Planung und Projektierung by Wellner GmbH

Planning and projecting
After initial discussions and intensive consultation, the next step is the planning phase. Since everything that follows is based on this and the decisions made here also affect the service life, economic efficiency and future safety of a plant, knowledge and experience are the decisive factors. At Wellner GmbH, the project planning and subsequent overall management of a customer order is exclusively in very experienced hands. The engineers used for this have in-depth specialist knowledge, have passed all relevant certifications and regularly take part in training courses / webinars / trade fairs, etc. Only in this way can we guarantee that every detail is taken into consideration during the planning phase. The time invested here benefits the realisation phase, all maintenance projects and even extensions scheduled years later.

Operation and managed service
Managed Service is a usage model that allows our customers to pay only for the parts, components and ports of a system that have actually been used. For this purpose, a contract is concluded for a certain period of time. We install the relevant technology at your site and charge you monthly only for the components you actually used. This is interesting for customers who are subject to major changes or who attach importance to monthly financing anyway. The operation of the system by us also includes the complete maintenance service and our full service. Removals or name changes for an extension or the like will not be charged separately. This keeps costs within reasonable limits, manageable and transparent.

Managementservice by Wellner GmbH
Service und Wartung by Wellner GmbH

Service and maintenance
For all customer projects we take over the complete service, the network management, the regular administration, updates, error dedection and troubleshooting, during the project planning, the installation and of course during the running operation. Speed, adherence to delivery dates, quality and warranty are the cornerstones and values of service and maintenance ala Wellner GmbH. Take advantage of the opportunity to know that your systems are in the best hands, relaxed and cost stable.

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