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Informationstechnik by Wellner GmbH

We are not a classic IT system house, but without information technology (almost) nothing works for us. Today’s communication and security technologies are often based on server-based applications. The trend to transfer certain technologies „over IP“ will continue in the future and so will the use of information technology. In order to meet these demands, we have trained IT specialists who support both IT systems that we install for customer solutions and customer-owned systems. For more complex IT applications, we seek cooperation with specialists.

Our technicians and engineers are experts and understand your information technology.

Aktive Netzwerktechnik by Wellner GmbH

Active network technology
Without functioning active network technology, almost no business process is conceivable. Today’s networks transmit not only Internet and e-mail data or files, but also voice and video packages, application data (e.g. SAP), data from production environments, but also data that previously used their own networks or protocols. This means that simple switching and routing functions alone are not enough. The active network technology must be much more powerful and must be able to handle prioritizations (e.g. for voice), access controls and much more. In detailed coordination with our customers, we therefore only use technologies from the manufacturers that best meet our customers‘ needs for performance, security and support.

Passive network technology
From the manageable office network to the hundreds of kilometres of cables required for huge warehouses and logistics centres, we have already planned and installed every size of data network. We attach importance to the highest quality, have an eye for details and the individual characteristics of each project.
Our claim is to work so carefully that you as a customer will still have a network of your own in 10 or 20 years, which functions reliably and requires little maintenance. In addition to highly qualified specialists, we also have the necessary technical equipment for all measuring and splicing work.

Datenschränke / Passive Netzwerktechnik by Wellner GmbH
Server und Speichersysteme by Wellner GmbH

Servers and storage systems
When designing a network, it is irrelevant to us how complex, large or small the planned IT project is. Every customer can rely on receiving a network individually planned for him and tailored to his needs, in which the main focus is on servers and storage systems and existing IT structures are taken into account. Only systems and software solutions from well-known manufacturers such as Cisco and Microsoft are used. Certified administrators and technicians install and configure your new server landscape in close consultation with your specialist departments in order to achieve an optimal and at the same time user-friendly result. If service and maintenance are required, we can also take care of this for you on request.

Data security
Redundancy is one of the keys to high availability. Mirrored hard disks, parallel systems, uninterruptible power supply, regular data backups etc. ensure that work can continue immediately or in the shortest possible time as before in the „worst case“. A well thought-out rights and password management system limits access to sensitive areas. Individually configured servers, workstations and network devices, which are also equipped with firewalls, up-to-date antivirus and spyware software, mean that espionage attempts and hacking attacks no longer stand a chance. The sum of and the right mix of measures is crucial. Our IT managers and administrators not only bring experience from dozens of customer projects to the table, but also undergo regular qualification measures and certifications in order to always be able to implement the right solution for you.

Datensicherheit by Wellner GmbH
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