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Branchenlösungen by Wellner GmbH

Every sector has its own requirements, legal guidelines and technical peculiarities, all of which must be taken into account when planning and constructing plants. In addition, existing technology must be taken into account in every project and possibilities for integration and linking must be created. Existing equipment is often outdated or does not correspond 100% to a standard. Existing installations seldom allow simple changes, but we as communication service providers have to cope with what is already available on site.

The most different factors are noteworthy and facilitate decisively all phases with the knowledge of these: Planning, project planning, construction, maintenance, revision. While many service providers are only experts in one or a narrow range of techniques, we have recognised from the outset how important it is to know all influences and to link them optimally.

The majority of our customers and partners come from one of the following sectors, and so we have also focused our attention on these areas. Over the years we have become experts for complete sector solutions, know the particularities, sensitivities and requirements of each sector and can therefore offer absolutely tailor-made solutions. Your advantage?

  • Understanding your needs
  • Low operating costs thanks to energy-efficient and sustainable (co-)thinking
  • Quality awareness and technical understanding at the highest level
  • Optimally operating systems with user-friendly and low-maintenance components
  • Precise planning to the dot on the i – as much as necessary, as little as possible
Krankenhaustechnik by Wellner Gmbh

Hospitals | Nursing homes for the elderly
We advise, plan, install and maintain the complete hospital technology: nurse call | fire alarm systems | access control | telecommunications | entertainment systems | burglar alarm systems | escape door control. Offering operators of medical and care facilities tailor-made industry solutions is part of our day-to-day business. Expert knowledge that has been trained and refined over many years allows clean, fast and thorough work, even during operation. Friendliness, willingness to communicate, customer understanding and flexibility have always been among the strengths of our team and also make the difference between good and excellent service in this sector.

Construction | Recycling | Warehousing | Logistics
Our customers include a large number of logisticians, recycling companies and other companies that have extensive external storage and storage areas. Depending on requirements and local conditions, we therefore rely on permanently installed or mobile solutions or a mixture of both. In close cooperation with Scholz Recycling, a large recycling company active throughout Germany, we developed the WellnerBOX, which has been used successfully for many years in various configurations.
Because we know what matters and what is expected, we support the construction, logistics, recycling and related industries with sustainable and proven industry solutions that actively and demonstrably prevent incidents from day one.

Branchenlösung-Baugewerbe Recycling Lager Logistik by Wellner Gmbh
Branchenlösung-Primärversorger by Wellner Gmbh

Primary suppliers
Primary suppliers, i.e. companies that supply and dispose of energy, water and data networks to all consumers, are increasingly confronted with criminal assaults and incidents. Damage is caused not only by bold burglaries and the associated damage to locking and fence systems, but also by the theft of materials and components. Even machines in operation or live power cables are not stopped. Suppliers must also protect themselves against acts of sabotage in the long term. It is therefore important to identify potential dangers / perpetrators at an early stage, identify them and initiate the appropriate measures. We will be happy to advise you on HOW!

Security industry
As developers of independent mobile security solutions such as the WellnerBOX, as well as installers of proven camera technology and video systems, we provide the security industry with the necessary technology & expertise to react flexibly enough to any type of customer order and to fulfill it cost-effectively. This not only saves costs, but also ensures greater efficiency in the deployment of employees thanks to modern monitoring technology. We understand the needs of the security industry and always strive for a partnership at eye level.

Branchenlösung Sicherheitsgewerbe by Wellner GmbH
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