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Sicherheitstechnik by Wellner GmbH

In these times of omnipresent and ever-increasing digitalisation, the issue of security can no longer be viewed in isolation from other technologies. Everything is connected to each other through passive and active network components, security and connection protocols regulate signal transmission and data transfer, components and devices communicate with each other, with servers & control centers, report their status, recall authorizations and pass on incidents.

Hardly any device can do without physical and virtual interfaces to connect to other elements. Smart Services are driving this development forward, „Smart Home“, the networked home is certainly already familiar to many. But even in industry 4.0, digitization, the automated intelligent coordination and linking of processes, is rightly topic no. 1. Of course, this is no different in the area of security technology.

Security technology without compromise!

Not only the individual devices and their links, but all the above-mentioned elements must be known and taken into account when planning safety projects. Our project managers are therefore specialists in their field, but at the same time equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to understand and integrate rules, standards and requirements of related services.

Forward-looking and process-oriented thinking, intensive project experience and the highest quality standards have made the difference here and have made us so successful for more than 25 years.

Geprüfte Brandmeldeanlagen by Wellner GmbH

Fire alarm systems
We are your BHE-certified specialist installer of fire alarm systems and for over 20 years a reliable partner for medium-sized businesses for consulting, fire protection concepts, planning, installation, revision and maintenance: whether large or small. As carefully as we work, we also select the brands / manufacturers used. With equipment from Notifier and Esser, we consciously focus on the best quality, proven a thousand times over.  Play it safe, especially when it gets hot and make an appointment with our experts now.

Nurse call systems
Reliability is the „A&O“ for nurse call systems, because failures, error messages or in the worst case undetected messages endanger acute human lives. For this reason, we exclusively use proven brand technology and make no false compromises from consulting to planning, installation and service. Our top technicians have experience with the smooth conversion to modern nurse call technology and take over all necessary work – with the least possible installation effort – even during ongoing operation. Existing IT and communication systems can be connected via interfaces, systems can be expanded at any time and further modules / tasks can be added.

Lichtruf by Wellner Gmbh
Zuverlässige Einbruchmeldeanlagen by Wellner GmbH

Burglar alarm systems
As for any other security technology installed for you, we also pay attention to the highest quality when it comes to theft protection. High availability and reliability of the components, uncomplicated installation, functional appearance and last but not least integrated sabotage protection are our criteria when selecting the technology. If unauthorised persons attempt to make changes to detectors, cabling and control panels or restrict their function, this always leads to an alarm being triggered, even in “ unsharp “ mode. Based on the state of existing IT technology, we integrate the burglar alarm system into existing systems or alternatively create interfaces between the new burglar alarm system and its alarm and communication servers. The goal is always to provide you with the highest level of security: economical, future-proof, easy to operate.

Escape door control
Danger safety is always the top priority, but the use of digital escape door control also decisively improves theft protection. Intelligently networked, modern escape door controls thus fulfil several functions at the same time and are an important element of building security.
Our project managers always think holistically, i.e. they do not focus on a single technical aspect, but always take into account which technology is already available, how it is networked, and what revisions and extensions are planned in the medium and long term. Your big advantage is our many years of experience as a constructor of complex networks, central communication and alarm servers and interface connections.
Do not operate your security technology as „island“ solutions any longer and opt for reliable security in an emergency.

Fluchttürsteuerung by Wellner Gmbh
Zeiterfassungssysteme by Wellner GmbH

Time recording
Electronic systems for time recording make personnel planning more transparent and effective. The aim is to obtain a forgery-proof, minute-accurate and person-related overview of all actual working hours with little effort. From this, holiday planning can be derived easily and efficiently, duty rosters can be designed and payroll accounting can be created etc.
Technical components of electronic time recording can be installed without great effort. Under certain circumstances, existing reading devices already take over the tasks of time recording. In our experience, the connection to your existing network / the expansion of the same runs smoothly. To use the time recording data, you can either use an optimized software interface or transfer this data to your existing ERP system. In consultation with you, we will find the individually suitable solution for your company: cost-effective, sustainable and labour-saving.

Access control
As experts for industry solutions, e.g. for hospitals, we offer our customers digitized + networked systems and integrate all existing & planned services under one interface. Our project managers and technicians can also refer to experiences and references from the penal system (JVA) and closed psychiatric facilities. Their responsible persons grant us as specialist installers the confidence to equip/maintain zones with increased and maximum safety and in return can rely on 100% quality, absolute reliability and the fastest possible round-the-clock service. In buildings of this kind, access control plays a particularly important role and should always be regarded as an integral part of a comprehensive networked security concept with central organisation. You too can benefit from our know-how.

Zutrittskontrolle by Wellner GmbH
Sprachalarmierung by Wellner GmbH

Voice alarm
As with all other security technologies, Wellner GmbH can also refer to a high level of expertise and many years of experience in small and large customer projects in the field of voice alarms. To stay legally & technically „up to date“ and thus to always offer the customer the individually best, low-maintenance, cost-effective variant is part of our self-image. We never save on safety. We do not make compromises that could endanger human lives or contravene the clear DIN specifications. This also includes carrying out regular maintenance and informing our customers of necessary software updates or the replacement of obsolete hardware.

Hazard management system
With the increasing degree of digitization and the use of ever new and different technologies in buildings, real estate, factory buildings and warehouses, the desire is also growing to control the entire security technology reliably and centrally with little time expenditure. A hazard management system communicates under one surface with all its fire alarm, burglar alarm & video systems, escape door controls, house & communication technology, records all data, displays them and partly also evaluates them. In this way, you always have an overview and can initiate suitable measures.

Gefahrenmanagement by Wellner Gmbh
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