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Videoanlagen und Kamerasysteme by WellnerGmbH

In order to effectively protect plants, objects and outdoor areas of any kind against unauthorized intrusion, damage to property, theft or sabotage, the right mix of security technology must be used. For years, camera systems have been used as the technical basis. Such a system always includes one or more cameras (fixed models, domes / speed domes, PTZ or controllable, camouflaged variants, night vision thanks to infrared, thermal image, etc.), a recording option (recorder in the device itself, on site or in surveillance centers) and the necessary software to view recorded images (and sounds with integrated microphones) ( monitors, smartphones) and analyze.

A video surveillance system of this kind provides absolutely reliable and meaningful audiovisual data, with high resolution, around the clock and under all weather and lighting conditions. Regardless of whether this data is used live or stored data is evaluated later, a modern system is far superior to all human senses, never tires and can always be kept up to date through hardware and software updates. The human factor comes into play at the right place when it comes to control centres, because it is the safety specialists who prevent false alarms by means of live circuits and virtual guard tours, make decisions within seconds and take measures in the event of danger.

We have been advising on this subject for many years and our technicians have already installed thousands of cameras at our customers & serviced. Video systems have proven to be a timeless & very effective protective measure and work – well planned and professionally installed – against all security incidents. 

Videoleitstand by Wellner GmbH

Video control station
It depends on the interaction, on the exchange among each other, on the fact that all recorded data is transmitted securely and quickly to a central location. There, special software is used to classify and evaluate the data and, depending on the input, a suitable output is sent back. In the case of a video control centre, all connected cameras, motion detectors, microphones, contactors, etc. reach the control centre, but human personnel are also in constant contact with it.

In order to ensure a reaction in the event of an alarm by drivers, we always recommend connection to an emergency call and service control centre (NSL). This is the only way to ensure that all data can be viewed, analysed and evaluated.

Perimeter security
No matter whether it is pasture land, extensive energetic installations such as solar plants or wind power parks, areas of drinking water production and water protection, temporary event areas, (parking) areas, etc., one always has to deal with aggravating environmental and terrain conditions and weather conditions must also be taken into account. If the areas to be secured are not permanently defined but vary in size or location, conventional systems and approaches fail completely.
This is not the case with our WellnerBOX, a solution specially developed for this approach and proven in hundreds of applications.

Freilandsicherung by Wellner GmbH
Optimierte Baustellenueberwachung by Wellner Gmbh

Construction Site Surveillance
Criminals strike particularly during the evening and night hours, on weekends and holidays. So there is no point in taking one or only minimal measures and then literally putting your hands in your lap. If you want to protect your values and preserve the work you have done so far, you have to use a permanent solution. All-in-one systems such as the WellnerBOX work precisely in the neuralgic zones, where tools, equipment and material are stored, where usable access points to the construction site are located and, of course, where potential perpetrators normally feel undisturbed and safe. Our system adapts to the threat in terms of equipment and degree of risk, can be easily relocated or repositioned as it is not permanently installed, and is designed to be ideally equipped for the dirtiest, hottest, coldest, most remote or largest construction site.

Theft protection
ever the perpetrators are equipped and willing to spend time + risk noise, conventional anti-theft methods can provide effective, temporary or no protection at all. It should be understood that any security can be overcome. So why react only when you can act?

The solution is obvious. Potential perpetrators must be detected, focused and confronted in order to dissuade them from their intention, before damage can be caused. This is exactly where the sensor unit of our WellnerBOX comes into play. Perfectly coordinated hardware components secure objects of any kind, at any time of day or night, under all lighting conditions. The ultra-modern motion detectors and the high-speed dome camera do not miss any movement; thanks to the control console, false alarms can be excluded and action taken in the event of danger.

Diebstahlschutz by Wellner GmbH
Mobile Videoüberwachung by Wellner GmbH

Mobile video surveillance
Wellner GmbH has been working with small and large security companies for many years. In addition to day-to-day business, i.e. the perfect protection of construction sites, storage areas and preventative theft protection through the proven WellnerBOX, the partnerships are also increasingly oriented towards mobile video surveillance. Together we looked for and found a solution that was as light, mobile and flexible as possible, without compromising the most important principle of video surveillance: to deliver high-resolution images day and night reliably and live, and to keep an eye on them. You can find more information here.

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