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Fernwartung by Wellner GmbH

„Success is when the customer comes back, not the product.“ Hermann Scherer 

Because we know that speed is the most important thing in case of emergency, we do not „hide“ the Service item in the 3rd submenu and let you search for it. Our service portfolio offers you a complete service in communication and security technology. Maintenance and service are therefore not a by-product, but are managed by us with as much experience, competence and empathy as any other project. Thanks to transparent fair conditions, 100% adherence to delivery dates and high quality, we can also confidently count ourselves among the best in the field of service.

A service centre for every case

Based on the experiences of the last years and thousands of customers, we have established a service center, which supports you particularly fast and uncomplicated. Whether you need regular maintenance, components need to be replaced, malfunctions need to be rectified or even an accident needs to be rectified, we are there for you. The Wellner Service Centre manages incoming orders and coordinates appointments, technicians, vehicles, etc. Depending on the topic, fast help is provided by telephone, we look into your system via remote access, plan the visit of a service technician or – in an emergency as a matter of course – set off directly to you.

You can expect the best service as our maintenance customer, because then we agree on exact reaction times, on-call service, rules of conduct etc. and you can be sure that your maintenance ticket will be placed at the top of the list even at the highest rush hour. If your systems were designed and installed by our company, the service times at your site will be shortened. After all, we know – well documented – exactly where which components are located, how they are connected and set up.

Individual technology / brands / manufacturers for individual customers

We provide support, maintenance and service for a wide range of well-known manufacturers and brands. Depending on customer requirements, project volume, planned investment volume and of course the technical requirements, we select the appropriate components, making sure that they cooperate ideally with each other and with existing systems. Below are some examples of manufacturers whose technology (generations) we have been using for years at the customer:
Ackermann, Dätwyler, Esser, Extreme Networks, Fujitsu, Geutebrück, HeiTel, Honeywell, Multitone, Notifier, Rittal, Telenot, Tetronik, Tunstall, Unify and so on.

Maintenance service from TEAMWellner: competent, fast, friendly and with quality guarantee

As a full-service provider, maintenance is essential, i.e. experienced service technicians are on the road every day on behalf of customers. Your advantage? These employees have already experienced almost every technical component, every type of system and every type of malfunction and software error. Instead of time-consuming approaches and time-consuming searches, the problem solution can be started immediately, which saves time, money and nerves.

We take your request „personally“

We personally take care of all aspects of your service order. Regardless of whether it’s a question of regular maintenance, technical obstacles or an accident that can be handled, we know what needs to be done, react as quickly as possible and always send the right service technician to your door. As the installer of your system, we know where to start and can therefore quickly remove obstacles and solve technical problems. Long downtimes can be avoided and you can immediately devote yourself successfully to your business again. The easiest way to reach us is during our business hours, weekdays between 07:00 and 16:30 hrs under: 

Phone: +49 34292 / 716-10



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