• 02.09.2015 Neues von Wellner Kommunikation/Automatisierung GmbH: WellnerBOX auf dem Tag der Sachsen in Wurzen -
  • 02.09.2015 Ab Freitag dem 04.09. sind wir mit unserer #WellnerBOX beim Tag der Sachsen in Wurzen auf der Blaulichtmeile zu finden. Also vorbeischauen!
  • 11.08.2015 #WellnerBOX hilft Ihnen, Ihr Eigentum auch dort zu schützen (z.B. #Baustellen, #Lagerplätze), wo es entweder zu teuer oder unmöglich ist!
  • 07.08.2015 #WellnerBOX is your solution for an innovative #construction security, stand-alone and mobile:
  • 06.08.2015 WellnerBOX is a stand-alone CCTV system for protection of outdoor areas, without the need for power connection.

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Wellner Kommunikation/Automatisierung GmbH


More than 10 years exists our company Firma Wellner now, that means a successful technological progress for more than 10 years!

Growing from a company, which installed telephone units we are now an important technology company in the east part of Germany for all aspects of telecommunication. Today, we are an independent company for communication techniques and data networks and very successfully in satisfying our clients.

Old technology must be replaced: only by integrating data and communication (voice) networks companies will compete successfully on markets. We offer you complete solutions for integrated IT systems and for any problem concerning questions of integrating different systems.

Our main products for communication and data techniques include complete solutions for several businesses, like call centers, unified messaging systems, and CTI systems (computer telephone integration). We cooperate closely with all producers, which enables us to offer our clients a reliable service and support and always the newest innovative equipment to be up to date. This will guaranty a steady and high standard of our products, including a quick and direct access to the newest products by means of our tight cooperation with well known partners.

Based on our complete service concept we run the right way for a long standing and permanent satisfaction and success of our clients.

Please, contact us, we would like to consult and advise you!



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